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Video preview for Sunday

On Sunday we will continue in our teaching on Jesus and His relationship to the Holy Spirit. As we left on Sunday our main point was “Jesus lived His life on planet earth in the power of the Spirit.”

Here is a short video that will give a brief preview of what we will be covering on Sunday.

Just for your information we should finish our teaching on the Trinity this month. In November we will be looking at the Doctrine of God as it relates to the incommunicable attributes. These are the attributes of God that are privileged to God alone. We will be discussing attributes like self-sufficiency, immutability, eternality, omniscience to name a few of them.

SS Community I can’t stress enough the importance of us getting a solid Biblical view of God. One of my chief concerns is that we have collapsed the God who is near us and loves us on top of the God who is transcendent, far from us and needs to be feared. These attributes must be kept in tension and never one that collapses on the top of the other.

Hope to see you on Sunday in our continuing desire to learn and live the God-centered life.

Video Clip of the Week

Where are we headed?

Men's Bible Study

Tomorrow night in our men’s Bible study we will continue to understand “how to be the Christian that we say we have become.” And specifically our study will cover Romans 6:15-23. In the book of Romans the word “slave” or “doulos” in the Greek appears 10 times. In 9 of those 10 times it occurs in Romans 6:15-23. Therefore we will spend some time tomorrow night unpacking and comprehending the word for slave in Romans 6.

Below is a video in which Dr. John MacArthur gives an excellent teaching on what it means for one to be a slave of Christ.

ScreenFlow begins!

Learning and Living the God-centered community, in an effort to bring you teaching on a continual and as you need it basis I am introducing something called ScreenFlow.
These will be short movie tutorials covering a variety of subjects of interest to those in our class.
This week my goal is to provide a preview of our class Sunday on justification. As a sample here is my initial ScreenFlow production and I hope this will encourage you in the study of God’s word.

The Trilogy of Ricky the Raccoon

It was just a normal Friday afternoon or so we thought. The dogs started to bark and when we looked out into the backyard there was “Ricky the Raccoon.” At first I thought no big deal he is just passing through and then he started to climb the back steps. And here is the rest of the story.

Join us for the trilogy of Ricky the Raccoon.
Part 1 - Ricky gets on the porch
Part 2 - Ricky gets away from the house
Part 3 - Ricky gets caught by animal control

Coming to a theatre near you...



There's SNOW place like home!

After the snow last night I went out this morning and took a short video of this winter blast. Our dogs love the snow and of course I feel it necessary to do a running commentary. Hope you enjoy the snow day!