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Streamlined and Organized

As we move forward I continue to learn the finer points of website development. This has been a huge learning curve for me, as I attempt to place training aids from notes to audio to video in the area of Bible doctrine. My goal is simple: To spread a passion for Christ in such a way that His word becomes the food and daily nourishment for learning and living the God-centered life. A life in which we are transformed by the power of the Spirit by seeing the face of God in the Lord Jesus Christ!

In the past week I have come across a great website called SERMON.NET that is still in the developmental stages. But even so I have decided to use this as the primary place for all of our class teaching audio files. So far I have been able to upload all the classes in which we have audio for the 2009 year. And these audio files are now available for you to listen, download, or embed any that you like on social network sites like Twitter, Facebook and etc.
You can even sign up for these as podcast and they will directly import to itunes.

Over the 10 months of our class a number of people have said to me that when they tried to listen to a teaching session but the audio play did not work. This is not unusual because the audio player that I use is developed with my Mac. Therefore sometimes other browsers will simply not work or respond. However in using this new website the problem should be solved. You can search for messages by topic or date and provides a very easy way to get around and find exactly what you want. Also each of the notes for all the classed can be found at SLIDESHARE.NET. Therefore you have both written notes and audio and depending on learning style can be tailored to fit your needs.

For those of you who are regular visitors of this site I would appreciate your feedback. Therefore if you would go to this WEBSITE and try to listen to several different messages.
Obviously you can just listen to the first few seconds to hear if this works properly with your computer. Anyway, if you would leave some comments to let me know how it does, this will be extremely helpful to me.

Also know that I am taking on a redesign of the entire website with a new look and easier tabs to get along with extended information for study tools. This means that I will need some time away in order to do the work necessary for this kind of task. I would covet your prayers as I start on this particular project.

Below is a short training video for those who want to learn more about the options available on the SERMON.NET website.

Click on the word Vimeo in the bottom right hand part of the screen and will take you directly to site where you can view in full screen.

A sign of the times

Yes, I know it is a sad day when I launch Twitter on the sidebar of this website. Just so you know, I am committing some Twitter time between now and the retreat. Again I want to give you as much current information regarding Bible study, important church doctrine, current issues as I possible can.

This can be a good resource but we will decide in a few weeks if this has been helpful for your growth in Christ. I will also post some of the websites that I visit that provide good material in hopes that it will be something you might want to check out. Blessings on you as we all lock arms and use tools available to build the kingdom of God for His glory!

Just travel down the right hand side of this site till you see Pastor B. twitter updates and please no laughing.