Learning and Living the God-centered life

One Biblical Doctrine at a time…

Basics for Bible Study

10 Questions to ask when studying the Bible

1. Who wrote/spoke the passage and to whom was it addressed?

2. What kind of genre is involved? (law, historical narrative, poetical, prophecy, epistle and etc.)

3. Are there any words or phrases in the passage that need to be examined?

4. What is the immediate context?

5. What is the broader context in the chapter and book?

6. What are the related verses to the passage’s subject and how do they affect the understanding of this passage?

7. What is the historical and cultural background?

8. What does the author mean by what he wrote?

9. Do my conclusions agree or disagree with related areas of Scripture and others who have studied the passage?

10. What implications does this have for my life?

Question for consideration

Do you obey God in order to get things from God or do you obey God in order to get God?

Your answer will give insight as to whether you stand on a foundation of religion or the gospel.


A Trinitarian Examination

Do you like to take tests? Well, here is one but don’t worry no grades are going to be given out.

Here are some questions to see how you are coming along in our study of the Trinity.

1. Can you give a brief or extended definition of the Trinity?

2. Why is it important to study the Trinity?

3. Is the Trinity essential to salvation? If so, then explain and support with Scripture.

4. What are the 4 main categories we are studying regarding the relationship that Jesus has with God the Father?

5. Explain as best you can the categories listed above and support with Bible verses.

6. Can you go through a review of the Trinity and our church history?

7. List for me some of the Triadic passages in the New Testament.

8. Is there a single verse that can support the doctrine of the Trinity? If so, then list it.

9. Does the orthodox church consider the doctrine of the Trinity to be an essential?

10. If we were to have a friendly competition with the church in America 100 years ago regarding the questions above who do you think would win?

11. When is the last time you studied the Trinity?

12. How would your saved family members do on this test regarding the Trinity?

13. Should I come over the with the chocolate chips and milk?

The glory of God

I really enjoy taking photos when we come to the beach. As you view the pictures above mediate on the glory of God.

Have you ever seen a sunset over the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean when the sunlight streams through the clouds to bring out shades of red, yellow and violet?

Have you ever been to a movie that kept you captivated for two hours?

Have you ever been a the top of a 10,000 foot mountain and seen a panoroma of the city below?

Have you ever been to the Indianapolis 500 or the Coca Cola 600 and heard the sound and seen the speed of those race cars?

Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?

Have you ever seen Tiger Wood’s make the last putt of the day to win a golf tournament?

Have you ever heard Pavarotti sing Nessun Dorma?

Have you ever seen a great white shark attack a sea lion?

Have you ever been inside St. Peter's cathedral?

Have you ever watched the "Blue Angels" do an air show?

Folks, we are hard wired or you might even say "spring loaded" from birth to be amazed and awed by splendor, greatness, power, and majesty! Just think of the times in your own life when, like the examples listed above, something or someone has caused you to be mesmerized in the moment so to speak. Do you know what happens when you are in that moment? You totally forget or have any awareness of self and you are totally captivated by the richness, power and glory of the thing on which you are focused.

Now just take that thought process and move it over onto God Himself. This is the very reason you and I were made to enjoy and display the glory of God!