Learning and Living the God-centered life

One Biblical Doctrine at a time…

When legalism runs amok

The Prince of Preachers

For a downloadable sketch of Charles Haddon Spurgeon simply click on this LINK

Retreat Logo

A special thanks to Anna B. who while working with Kay Jones has come up with our retreat logo.
Notice the words and how they contribute to the theme of our time away in a couple of weeks.
Digging deeper in His word and growing gloriously in His grace. As we digger into the truths of the gospel we establish a strong vertical relationship with our heavenly Father. As we continue to read and study Scripture, grace continues to grow which manifests in our joy in God, that overflows in love for others.

New Community Member

We were not able to get his name last week. He came in to the class fast, listened fast, and left so fast that no one saw him, spoke to him or even knew he was there. But I did received an email this week. He has read through the Bible three times this past week, has attended all Bible studies at Carmel, and is presently serving on each committee and is involved in every activity within the church. He officially joined our class and every other community class that meets on Sunday.
Who is this masked man?