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A Christmas Moment

Keeping in context with some fun during the Christmas season here is one of my favorite video’s. Simply click on this LINK. Just an observation but the guy in this video reminds me of Pat Jones. His humor seems very consistent with what I see when I talk with our class leader. And I can hear Pat laughing as he watches this short video clip. Isn’t good when you can know the talents, gifts and abilities of those that you minister with especially during this time of the year?

"smoking" Church

In an effort to include the “Seeker-Friendly” approach to church we present the newest in the corporate strategy. This may seem a bit unconventional but just wrap your mind around how many more people can be drawn into the building. In other words growth is possible when you give people exactly what they want - right? So if you would like to view what one church is doing to bring and keep people then check out this video. Simply click on this LINK.

The Turkey call works!

Normally at the beginning of each class our leader Pat Jones calls us together with his famous turkey call, well folks the proof is in the pudding as they say.

And just for fun “A Thanksgiving Moment”, simply click on this

And this year's Heisman winner is...

Known as “Heisman B”, rumors are he may opt for the draft this year.

Truth Wars

This is our “AUDIO CLIP OF THE WEEK.” In this brief audio segment Dr. John MacArthur gives an excellent examination of Joel Osteen’s book and philosophy about this being “YOUR BEST LIFE NOW.”

Truth Wars-Is this your best life now?


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Beware of your background

Several weeks ago while teaching I warned those in the class of my past activities. In particular I mentioned a video that I hoped would never surface regarding my background and former business involvement. However in these days of instant information, headline news, internet and you tube the inevitable has happened. Just remember before you watch and make any judgments this was life prior to involvement in full time ministry. Here is the video, again please don't be too critical. Click on this LINK.