Learning and Living the God-centered life

One Biblical Doctrine at a time…

Review of March 15

Sunday was moving day for our community called “Learning and Living the God-centered life.” We moved from an 8 month study of the importance of Bible reading, study and devotion and now we are transitioning into the DOCTRINE OF GOD.
The first task for us to undertake in this doctrinal area is that of the TRINITY. So in our class on Sunday my objective was three-fold.
Objective #1 - to help us as a community look toward the future which is our upcoming retreat May 1-3 which we are calling “The Gospel.” I also gave a short bio on myself for those new to the class who are wondering about my background, and how Nancy and I came to teach at Carmel.

Objective #2 - to be sure we understand the past by challenging the community with 5 questions to consider from Romans 6:1-14. I called this section during our time together yesterday “A Blast from the Past.”

Objective #3 - to move us into our study of the Trinity. How many of us have studied the Trinity in the last year, 3 years, 5 years or at all in our Christian lives? Well, I am so excited about us studying this aspect of the Doctrine of God. Here is the format for our study of the Trinity during the weeks to come:

Introduction to the Trinity
Foundation as to why we need to study the Trinity
Historical look at the Trinity in the church
Theological definition and relationships of each member of the Trinity

The power point notes reflect more than we cover in the class. I also have included with the notes part of your homework assignment for this week. You will find the article on “Application” with some bold highlights for further consideration. Also in these notes are the first 3 reasons why it is so important for believers to have a solid foundation in the Trinity.