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Back in the Saddle

I looked up the meaning for the idiom “back in the saddle.” It means doing something you stopped doing for a period of time. Therefore I am happy to announce that the Pastor B. blog is officially back in the saddle after a short break and ready to move into the 2010 year.

A funny thing happened on the way back from church on December 13, as the following week progressed I ran headlong right into the flu. It was quite the battle that has lasted for two weeks and culminated with a trip to doctors office this morning for more medication. Sorry that I have been out of touch, but if you came to our house you would see that the couch and I have become one. Yes, those merry sounds of hacking, coughing, sneezing, and blowing have been a constant during this Christmas season. Nancy has remained healthy but probably needs some time just to recover from taking care of me. I am not a good sick person and at one point I asked Nancy if we could get a bell so I could just ring it. I will leave you to the imagination as to how that little suggestion went over. Just to give you a visual I have included a photo that gives a summary of my past few weeks here at the house. Simply click on this LINK.

Pat, Kay, Nancy and I along with the entire leadership team are very excited about our Bible reading, study and devotion time for 2010. Pat and I are already talking about some new things to introduce our class to on Sunday that can help our progress as we learn Bible doctrine together. I want to thank the staff at Carmel for working with us so closely to make all the little things come together each Sunday. Also to a huge thanks to Rob Kelly and the young adult ministry for the smooth transition as we have been both utilizing the uptown auditorium.

There is much on the plate as we head into the new year. There is our continued emphasis on the “doctrine of God” that will make up the teaching session for our class on Sunday. Then we have our retreat the first weekend of February that will be a time to connect back to God’s word and people in a very special and unique way. As I have said in the past “many times the most substantial moves forward regarding one’s spiritual life often happens at a retreat format. It just seems that when you can get people away from the hectic, hustle and bustle lifestyle and become quite together under the teaching of God’s word the Spirit is enabled in a powerful way. There is much going on behind the scenes in order for everything to be ready for our February 5-7 time together in Asheville, so I would ask that you make this an item of prayer. Finally there will be another winter and spring renewal of our men’s Bible study. We are taking a look at “how to study the Bible” and this will be our subject matter for the 2010 year.

Hope to see you this Sunday as we resume in our “learning and living the God-centered life” curriculum.