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That's my King

Classic Fishing Video

Pat Jones and I really enjoy fishing. If you like to get on the water and wet a hook then you will appreciate this video starring Bill Dance. Unfortunately each one of these scenes reminds me of the things I have done whle attempting to catch fish.

My story regarding "Papa" Russ

Run from false gospels and run to "The Gospel"

The vanity of life without God

This video represents how many people live and what they live for in our “consumeristic” culture. Oh how quietly this has influence in what is preached and taught in our evangelical churches. Notice in this video Jesus never shows up. And in the church we can show up and hear little to nothing about Jesus and everything about ourselves. Don’t believe this video it is a lie. You can only find a pseudo happiness in these type of things. Real joy in life resides in knowing and loving Christ!

You gotta see this...

Dr. Bruce Ware "The Exclusivity of Christ"

It was a wonderful weekend of teaching with Dr. Bruce Ware. Here a short video clip from our Sunday morning session.

Here is another clip of Dr. Ware teaching on the sovereignty of God. Click on this LINK.

A short clip of Dr. Ware teaching on “the Trinity.” Click on this LINK.

Retreat Fishing Trip

Dr. Bruce Ware and I were invited by the legendary fisherman and class leader Pat Jones. It was a brutal day on the water with 25 mph winds and lots of rain. However we did bring redfish in the boat.

And if you would like to see what happened after we got to our spot just CLICK ON THIS LINK.


What do you treasure?

Love is War

David Paul Tripp from his book and DVD series on marriage “What Did You Expect.”