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Retreat 2011 - Session #3

Retreat 2011 - Saturday Session

Live from Wild Dunes

Tonight I will be blogging live from the Wild Dunes Conference Center. Dr. Bruce Ware is our speaker for this weekend. The subject is “Friendly Fire” in which Dr. Ware is going to cover 5 of the essential doctrines that are being compromised within the evangelical church. Hopefully I will be able to blog each session as they occur and will highlight main points in Dr. Ware’s teaching. We start tonight at around 7 PM so drop by and hangout awhile on our website. I also plan to post the notes that he gives out for each of the lectures on various doctrines.

If you would like the audio from FRIDAY NIGHT Session #1 then CLICK ON THIS LINK.

If you would like the outline of the notes from the FRIDAY NIGHT session #1 then CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Retreat 2011 - "Friendly Fire"