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At Retreat 2010 we took time to study what is known as Biblical Theology. It is Biblical theology which helps us to understand that the plan of the Bible is God’s unfolding and progressive redemption of mankind. We can see this plan unfold from Genesis all the way to Revelation. Therefore I thought I would post a short article from the Resurgence Blog Site about Biblical Theology.

Biblical Theology

However, you’ll notice that the Bible isn’t written with a topical, or thematic arrangement. This observation has led theologians over the past couple of centuries to look for how the Bible itself presents theology – One of these approaches has been termed “Biblical Theology.”

Now, we have to be careful here, because the term “biblical theology” can be understood in broad and narrow senses. In a general, broad sense, “biblical theology” is “theology that is true to the content of the Bible.” In other words, it is any theology that accurately reflects the teaching of Scripture, including systematic theology. Certainly, for evangelicals making sure that all theology is biblical in this sense is very important.

Biblical theology is theological reflection drawn from the historical analysis of acts of God reported in Scripture.

But beyond questions of content, in a technical, narrow sense, “biblical theology” is theology that conforms to the priorities of Scripture. In this outlook, biblical theology adheres not just to what the Bible teaches, but also to how the Bible arranges, or organizes its theology. It’s in this technical, narrow sense that biblical theology became a formal discipline in the 20th century. Continue reading…

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