Learning and Living the God-centered life

One Biblical Doctrine at a time…

2 Timothy 2:15
"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth." (NASB)

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The teaching blog will consist of devotions, current articles from other popular theological websites, quotes from Biblically saturated theologians and various church related items that help us to think through how to learn and better live the God-centered life.
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We need to do a better job in the church of teaching the gospel. This is the good news not only that we have been saved but that we are being saved by the power of the gospel on a daily basis.
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This is a practical system of Bible study in order for one to understand what the author meant by what he wrote. We live in a highly subjective culture where there are no absolutes. Therefore learning what the Bible means is a key for us in learning how to live.
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The Bible is a story about God's plan of redemption for mankind. Even though the story is about our redemption the subject of the Bible is God who redeems for His glory.
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This simply means what the entire Bible has to say about a particular subject or topic. Essentially there are 8 doctrines that we need to have an understanding of as we study the Bible.
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Bible Gateway

This is a user friendly approach for looking up Scriptures, parallel passages and quick reference work for Bible reading and study.

Blueletter Bible

This site provides an excellent study resource especially when it comes to studying individual words in the Greek and Hebrew.

ESV Bible

In order to take full advantage of this website one needs to order the ESV study Bible. This site provides the study notes online and are the same ones that are in the study Bible.


Located here are the archive teaching audio files from the beginning of our class in August of 2008. Also you can download any audio from this site.