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Bible Software and Internet sites

A couple of questions over the years has been what are good Bible study internet sites and what some good Bible study softwares.

Here are some helpful internet options when it comes to studying the Bible.
1. Net.Bible
Precept Austin

When it comes to Bible study software I have only used two and they are Logos and Accordance. However I have included a third option and that is Bible Works which has received great reviews.
1. Logos - check out this site and feel free to give them a call. The customer service people are great and will get you to the best option for the level of study you plan to do.
Bible Works - I have not used this particular software but am including a blog article that reviews this sofware.
Accordance - if you using a Mac with Tiger or Leopard then I would suggest this software package. As you know, if you are using a Mac with VMware Fusion or a Parallels windows option then Logos or Bible Works would also be available.

Obviously there are many other good options out there on the internet and Bible software but hopefully this will give you a good start.

Books on how to study the Bible

The following books are my recommendations for those who want a good system for studying the Bible. The fancy word is called “hermeneutics” which means a method of interpretation. When we speak of Biblical hermeneutics then we are specifically talking about a method to interpret the Bible. Over the years I have talked to many people in the church who simply don’t have a method or a system to study God’s word. We are going to talk about three specific disciplines when it comes to the Bible.
  1. A Bible reading plan that takes you through the entire Bible in one year.
  2. A Bible devotion plan, that allows you to meditate on a chapter, verse or word.
  3. A Bible study plan that equips you to handle the books of the Bible in detail.

The recommendations that follow are specific study aids for category #3.

How to read the Bible for all it’s worth - Fee and Stuart
Getting the Message - Doriani
Understanding and Applying the Scriptures - McQuilken
Living by the Book - Hendricks
Basic Bible interpretation - Zuck
A basic guide to interpreting the Bible - Stein
The Hermeneutical Spiral - Osbourne