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Pastor Russ and Carol

Nancy and I had the opportunity to have dinner with Pastor Russ and Carol last night. It has been a tremendous privilege for me to work so closely with Russ over the last 10 years in ministry. Even though we have ministered in different places over that period of time we have always remained in close contact. Both Russ and Carol have such a great heart for ministry and what great friends and mentors for Nancy and me. As you might have guessed I have accumulated a number of “Papa Russ” stories over the years. Even last night I was reminded that when going out to eat with Russ, I always drive his car. Just another “Papa Russ” story that I am waiting to tell when the opportunity is right. Bottom line, these are salt of the earth and light of the world kind of folks. Every time Nancy and I are around them we feel encouraged and upbeat about giving our lives to build the kingdom. And whenever I am out with Papa Russ my camera is never far away. Thanks for all the ministry Pastor Russ and Carol, we love you guys!