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7 questions for Dr. John Stott

Here is an article I came across from the Between Two Worlds blog site, which is a 2001 interview of John Stott by Art Lindsley. It's well worth your time. Here are the questions:

1. What are the top three needs of the church today?
2. What legacy would you like to leave with the leaders, with whom you have been involved?
3. Which is the most important book you have written?
4. What are the top five most influential books in your life?
5. How do you shape your devotional life?
6. How have you been so productive in writing?
7. What advice have you for us in learning to communicate across cultures?

Dr. John Stott is considered by many one of the finest theologians of the present era. If you will pay special attention to what has most shaped his Bible devotional plan.
Stott Interview
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