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Dr. Bruce Ware welcomes invitation to be retreat speaker

I am thrilled to announce that we have secured Dr. Bruce Ware to be our retreat speaker in 2011. It is no secret that Bruce is one of my favorite living theologians and his teachings on the doctrine of God have been invaluable to the 21st century church. Nancy and I feel blessed to call Bruce and Jodi friends and I can tell you this, you are in for a real treat. In the coming months the leadership team will meet and start to work out the details as to time and place. Also I will be providing more information about Bruce, his family, background, and hobbies. I think you will enjoy getting to know him from a distance before you meet him at the retreat.

Here is a short bio.

Educational Background:
A.S. Judson Baptist College, 1973
Certif. Capernwray Bible School, 1974
B.A. Whitworth College, 1975
M.Div. Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, 1978
Th.M. Western Conservative Baptist Semianry, 1980
M.A. University of Washington, 1981
Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary, 1984

The Retreat Bus Trip

Rumors are starting that Pat Jones may have a reality TV series call “Bus Trip.” This is one of the pictures we missed from the Retreat Story that we told last week in Sunday School via photos and video.

Reflections from Retreat 2010

The dinner from which our class had it's earliest beginnings was in May 2008. During the subsequent months I talked to Pat about a plan of having class retreats away at least once a year. We now stand on the backside of two retreats, May 2009 and February 2010. As a teacher it seems that God has called me to a ministry of exhorting and admonishing people back to the Bible. If you talked to someone 12 years ago that first heard me teach or someone that heard me within the last month it has been the same. We need to get back into God's word so that God's word can get back into us! For we as His people can be no closer to Christ than we are to His word.

My evaluation as I look upon what God is specifically doing with our group is this; allow me to again us the illustration of a jigsaw puzzle. There are two essentials you need when putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle. One thing you need is the border and the other thing you need is the box top so you can see the big picture. In the last two retreats God has provided first the border as we examined the doctrine of the gospel. And this year the box top as we looked at the big picture from Genesis to Revelation. Unfortunately, and I said this to those at the retreat, we have treated the Bible in many cases like one of the jigsaw pieces in the box. We grab up a piece and start to examine it but have no idea how it fits into the big overall picture. The subject this year was "end times, Genesis to Revelation." And my point is simple but important to understand, without an overall grid to lay down from Genesis to Revelation then there is no way to understand end times from the Bible.

Therefore we looked specifically at the organizing plan of the Bible which is "the unfolding and progressive redemption of mankind by God." Also you may remember that I talked about Bible doctrine, which we are studying on Sunday's being similar to a circle and progressive redemption from Genesis to Revelation being similar to a line. So in two retreats we have the basic foundational components that make up the border and box top of the Bible. There is much more to study in regard to each of these but at least we have started to lay the ground work. Read More...

Dynamic Duo

This weekend both Megan Jones and Kay Jones fulfilled important responsibilities. Megan brought us our worship music and did a fantastic job. While Kay started off Friday night with a welcome and then provided announcements during the weekend.

If you want to see the trailer for Retreat 2010 then click on this LINK

Retreat Slogan

Anytime you go away for a retreat it seems that something special always tends to happen. This retreat was no exception with the fact that we did not know until Friday as to whether we could drive to Asheville. Our industrious leader Pat Jones secured a bus for the group in less than a day and the rest as they say is history. During the time together we came up with a “Retreat Slogan.” I am going to give credit to Kay Jones and we thought about having this put on t-shirts. I think it would be a great conversation starter with those in our class who were not able to go. So if you happen to read this article and were not able to attend then find someone who went and ask “what is the grid?”