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Preparing for the August launch

Pat and Kay joined us in Charleston this week for our annual leadership planning session. Since we are starting year #3 of our class it was important that we roll up our sleeves and get to work. As you can see by the following photo it was tough but somebody needed to do it. Should you want to see more of this intense planning and grueling work session then just click on this LINK.

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Thanks "Papa" Russ

This is a blog shout out and thank you to Pastor Russ for teaching our SS community this past week. I received an email from someone who commented on what a great lesson that Russ taught on Sunday.

In 1998 I sensed the calling into full time ministry. It was in April of 1999 that I became part of the pastoral staff at Calvary Church. And not long after that Pastor Russ Rosser was hired and eventually became my boss. We have a long history together and it has been a wonderful friendship and fellowship in our Lord Jesus Christ. One day while working with Russ a co-worker said you know Russ is always around to care and comfort he reminds me of a “Papa Russ.” Well, that nick name stuck and remains even to this day when I call or talk to my good friend. Over the years I have developed a number of “Papa Russ” stories.

Therefore I decided to youtube a story of the first time that I was asked to come into the office of Pastor Russ. You must keep in mind that it was a mile long, and had thousands of books on three sides of the walls. His chair sat up high almost like a king and the chair that you sat in sunk down so that your nose was level with his desk. It was at that time that I learned the “Papa Russ” way. That way always started out with BBBBBEEEERRRRTTTTT, tell me your story. If you would like to see the video then just click on this LINK.

The survey is in, the people have spoken...

A while back I put a survey on our blog site regarding the different hats of Pat Jones. The final
results were much closer than I expected. If you want to see the results then simply click
on the photo above or this LINK.

Behind the Scenes

The “Learning and Living” leadership team met last night. It was incredible to watch how the Lord has put together such a committed group to “know Him and make Him known.” Last night the leaders put forth plans and schedules that will carry us through the 2010 year. If you are coming to our class but have yet to connect may I encourage you to do so. If you were to do a word search on the phrase “one another” in the New Testament, you would see it occurs over 100 times. Things like encourage one another, pray for one another, love one another and so on. We are created to be in relationship with each other so that as the gifts come together the body of Christ can most manifest the glory of God. Of course I had the camera and tried to get some action shots of the brainstorming and planning.

Can you believe this?

The other night the leadership team met at Jack and Jeanette Bickett’s home. In this picture I am handing a flower to Nancy while announcing “that she is the rose of my life.” It was a special moment and one that I will always treasure. Then I receive the actual photo of the moment.

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Reality Sunday School

OK, though Pat and I work very closely together we still have our moments. Several months ago I sent Pat some emails that were intense but in a good sort of way. So I thought you might enjoy a look behind the scenes, at the way we tend to work out any differences that come up from week to week. The first part is Pat’s call to me and the second part gives my response to Pat.

So if you want to hear Pat’s nurturing voice mail and see my wise response then simply click on this LINK.

Behind the Scenes

This is a special note of thanks to DAN MILLER and DON LANE. Both of these brothers went over and beyond this weekend, as Dan handled the sound board and recording, while Don captured the retreat on video. We are forming a team that has as its main mission to proclaim the greatness of Christ! Dan and Don are examples of the kind of ministry that goes on behind the scenes and I very much appreciate all they do. It is the very reason that we read in 1 Corinthians 12 that each part of the body is critical for the overall good of the body. I personally had the opportunity to spend time with Dan and Don at separate times going from Charlotte to and back from Asheville. In those car rides it was wonderful to hear both of these men express their love and passion for Christ. Again I want to thank them for serving us in this way during our Retreat 2010 weekend.

A car trip, worship and the glory of God

This past week, on Monday to be exact, Pat, Dan Miller and I went to Lifeway Conference Center in Asheville. The purpose of the trip was to meet with our retreat representative and to finalize the details of our upcoming retreat. During our 3 hours in the car together we covered a number of topics as they relate to the Bible.
Overall our discussion was grouped into two main categories. On the way to Asheville we primarily covered the topic of evangelism. What does it look like in a practical way? How did Jesus evangelize? And are we able to do in a way that is consistent with Scripture? On the way back to Charlotte the topic primarily covered was discipleship. We discussed the great commission from Matthew 28:19 and that led to a great brainstorming session about what that looks like in each of our lives.
I think if you asked Pat, Dan or myself as to what was the main topic of our three hour car ride collectively we would answer "Jesus Christ." In essence what we had was a three hour worship time together. And here from a purely Scriptural perspective is what was happening both as we discussed evangelism and discipleship;
1. Christ was being honored by the reading and discussion of the Scriptures
2. The Holy Spirit was revealing, guiding and disclosing to each of us these truths about Jesus
3. As we studied and discussed Christ of the word, the Spirit empowered, and God was getting the glory Read More...