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What are the chief characteristics of a humble man?

1) A humble person, no matter how much spiritual growth, he never forgets his former sinfulness and his outward, undeserving commonness.

2) A humble person overlooks his own righteousness, and looks and lives upon the righteousness of Jesus Christ alone.

3) For a humble person no work or service is “too beneath” or “too humbling” for him.

4) A humble heart will submit to every truth of God that is made known (revealed) to it; even to those truths that most offend.

5) A humble person lives not upon Himself, but upon the sufficiency of Christ alone.

6) A humble person prizes the least of Christ: the least smile, the least good word from him, the least good mercy from him, etc. She is thankful for a crumb from the table if she cannot get all of the Manna.

7) The humble heart can never be content to pray enough, hear enough, mourn enough, believe enough, love enough, fear God enough, joy enough, repent enough, loathe sin enough, nor be humble enough!

8) A humble person seeks to smite and mortify both great and “small” sins.

9) A humble person quietly bears burdens and takes blows, and will receive disrespect and dishonor and make no noise.

10) A humble heart withdraws all strength and credit from Christ alone. Read More...