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The one who takes the Son...

This came from the Puritan Fellowship blog site and is what they currently use as their evangelism tract.

There was a famous painter who had a son. Father and son often painted together and were each other's inspiration. When World War I erupted, the son was sent to fight in the war, and was killed. When the father heard of his son's death, he was distraught, the grief tearing him into a thousand pieces. He became a shell of his former self and spent years limping through life.

One day the father heard a knock at the door and opened to find a young soldier standing there who, breaking out in tears said, "Sir, I am the reason your son died."
The father replied, "Well, what do you mean?"
The soldier said, "I was in front of a rifleman, and as the gun went off your son threw himself in front of me and died in my place. I am so sorry, but I want you to know that I esteem your son above all things and all people." He continued, "Look sir, I always wanted to learn to draw, and while we were in the foxholes your son tutored me. I know you're a famous painter and I'm just beginning to learn, but I painted this picture of your son and he means so much to me that I would really appreciate it if you would take this picture."
The father said, "Of course I will!" So the father took the painting of his son and, despite its crudeness, framed it in the best frame he could find and gave it the centre place in his gallery.