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Review for November 28

Nancy and I have been gone for two straight weeks so today was “Catch Up Sunday.” The catch up involved four specific areas:
1. Our trip to Los Angeles to visit Grace Community Church where Dr. John MacArthur is the pastor.
2. The Men’s Bible Study that meets on Tuesday night and the next three weeks, in which I cover “the sovereignty of God in our redemption.” We will be studying in Romans Chapter 9.
3. Retreat 2011 with Dr. Bruce Ware and why this is so important from Matthew 24. Also 5 essential doctrines in the American Evangelical Church and how they are getting twisted and distorted today This retreat could be a watershed weekend for many in our class. Therefore I am going to invest time encouraging those who attend our class to participate.
4. The transition from the incommunicable attributes to the communicable attributes. We started on the importance of the glory of God. And next week we are going to bring definition, Scriptural support and explanation to this important attribute.

SBS Class November 282010 Glory1

Video from Dr. John MacArthur’s Church we visited while in LA - click on this LINK

If you want to listen to the audio from today’s class - click on this LINK