Learning and Living the God-centered life

One Biblical Doctrine at a time…

As you reflect back upon 2010

It seems that the week after Christmas and prior to the new year is a very good time for reflection. So allow me to ask the following questions:

What kind of year was it for you in terms of spiritual growth in Christ?

Do you know Christ better?

Can you say that you relied on Him more in 2010 than in previous years?

Are others around you noticing the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control to name a few?

Have you made it a practice to preach the gospel to yourself daily?

If one of the pastors did a spiritual CAT scan on your 2010 would it reveal a Martha or Mary type of ministry?

Did you find yourself repenting much or little in 2010?

What idol did you continue to kill in 2010 so that it does not kill you?

Was 2010 a year where you still were seeking the approval of others instead of understanding at the cross Christ approves of you 100%?

Was your Bible reading, devotion and study time inconsistent and dry?

If you could write a paragraph for 2010 regarding these three things, how would it read? Your denying of self, your taking up the cross daily and your following Christ.

Did you disciple anyone in 2010 or did someone disciple you? By this I mean one on one time with another brother or sister in Christ.

How did you utilize your spiritual gift in 2010 to glorify God?

Did you have any extended time for prayer, fasting and study?

What was the biggest time waster for you in 2010?

Did you define spiritual growth in 2010 based on what you did like giving, serving and attending church rather than considering more deeply was has already been done by Christ?

Was there a time when a person or couple came over to your house to just read the Bible and pray? By this I mean it was not tied to a church event, program or Bible study.

Did you notice the conversations in 2010 were more about Christ and His word, about the same or less than in previous years?

What is a key Biblical truth that you learned fresh or relearned that is making a difference in your Christian life today?

I wish it were possible for me to sit down at length with each one of you to discuss these questions. But may I suggest that you find someone and open up with them on the questions listed above. Maybe the men could find another man in our community and the ladies could find another lady. There is much value in the "one another's" of the New Testament. Unfortunately we have built safe and secure walls in our neighborhoods and around our personal lives. Why not call someone in our community this week or next and have breakfast, lunch or coffee and go over some of these questions? Don't judge or try to solve the problem just listen as a brother or sister in Christ and commit to praying with them in 2011.