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Survey says...

Recently I listened to a program from the White Horse Inn that provided a number of surveys taken from fellow Christians. I thought you might find these audio clips interesting in light of our ongoing study of Bible doctrine.

Here are responses to the following statements:
1. The most important task of the church today is the transformation of culture. Click on this LINK

2. We need to make church more entertaining and relevant in order to appeal to the culture. Click on this LINK

3. The most important thing we need to communicate to our kids is that God is always there when they need Him? Click on this LINK

4. Christians should see the church as a resource provider and themselves as self feeders who make use of those resources. Click on this LINK

5. Since kids are bored with content generated lessons, so youth workers need to attract them with new and exciting things. Click on this LINK

6. The most important way of converting non Christians is to preach the gospel and with the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper. Click LINK

7. It is more important to be the gospel rather than to preach the gospel to others. Click on this LINK