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A Christmas Tradition

It seems that each year part of our Christmas tradition is watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” You know the story, George Bailey because of life troubles wishes that he had never been born. The plot of the movie involves showing him what his life would have been like, had he never been born. I saw a blog article this week written by Jen Smidt about Mary Bailey, (Donna Reid) who plays George’s wife in the movie. Hope you enjoy!

I am reminded again at what an inspiration Mary Bailey is to me. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out, a wonderful combination of grace and strength.

Qualities Worth Imitating

Here is a quick list of the qualities I see in Mary that remind me of the godly qualities we can have as wives:

  • She has a genuine, beautiful smile and she is not afraid to flash it at George, at her children, at the people of Bedford Falls, in joyous times and in struggle. Her countenance is cheerful and pleasant. She is truly lovely because her smile radiates from within.

  • She is so dang creative and resourceful! She is a dreamer and makes beauty out of the ordinary. From the sweet sketch of George lassoing the moon to the home she creates out of the old dumpy mansion, Mary shows us what creative ideas and good old-fashioned elbow grease can accomplish.

  • She makes the best of hard situations. When faced with the thought of losing George, when the Building and Loan is going to close, when her honeymoon is cancelled, Mary finds a way to be a good helper to George at great personal cost.

Are you Scrooge this Christmas?

From Ronnie Martin at the Gospel Coalition Blog Site

We have short memories of poor, wretched Ebenezer Scrooge. Here was a fallen man in desperate need of redemption, with absolutely no desire to turn from his egregious ways. Then three spirits visited him, and all changed overnight. But the Scrooge we remember is not the forgiven one. It is not the redeemed curmudgeon whose joy on Christmas morning led him to leap through the air like a drunken man, exclaiming "Glorious, glorious!" We like to keep Scrooge locked in our hearts as the greedy, depraved, unregenerate sinner of his pre-visitation, using him as a cautionary tale about the damning effects of pursuing money and gain.

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