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How Paul introduces his letters


Courtesy of the Bible Knowledge Commentary

What are you leaning on this year?

This video provides a good object lesson regarding Christianity and a crutch.

Are you stuck?

From the blog site of Tony Reinke

Know this for your own personal life. Right now there’s not a person who is not stuck in something. You are stuck financially, or stuck in your health, or stuck in your marriage, or stuck in your vocation, or stuck in your spiritual growth. There’s not a person in this room who doesn’t feel in some sense: this is a moment when I’m not making any progress and everything seems futile that I try. That is never the case with the Christian! God is always doing more than you know — a thousand times more than you know. One of the great blessings of getting old is that you start to see the patterns and you can recognize them and not get so panicky as you were in your earlier years. [11/20/11 sermon video, 25:40­–26:40]
- Dr. John Piper


Subjective vs Objective Truth

If you were enjoying looking at a painting in an art gallery and someone came and stood next to you
and said, "I can't stand that painting," you would not say, Hey,you fool, what do you think you're
doing?" You might disagree, but it's a matter of opinion.

But if you went to the restaurant out on a balcony of the art gallery, and someone was to get up and stand on the railing as he was about to jump to his death five stories below, you might then say, "Hey, you fool, get down; what do you think you're doing? For our culture God is more like the painting, but for the Bible God is more like the gravity.
- Josh Moody, No Other Gospel

A simple chart


What is your theology?


The picture above is from a Sidney Lutheran Brethren Parishioner.  Apparently, she drew this diagram for some friends while they were having a theological conversation during lunch at a restaurant and then posted it to my Facebook account.  It demonstrates the differences between: Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism, Synergism and Monergism. (As a side note from Bert the correct answer is Monergism).

This from the blog site of PM Notes

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