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Recap of CodeOrange

In this article Erin Benziger of the popular theological website “Do Not Be Surprised” gave this evaluation of the CodeOrange Revival.

Begrudgingly, I found myself watching all 12 nights of Steven Furtick's manufactured move of the Holy Spirit, otherwise known as the Code Orange Revival. It seemed appropriate, then, that on this, the first revival-less evening, to offer a brief recap of events. I know that many of my readers were unable to witness the Code Orange shenanigans for themselves, so I offer this summary to you as a bit of a public service:

Day 1: Craig Groeschel - Preached about himself.

Day 2: Jentezen Franklin - Preached about himself and wove [un]biblical mythology.

Day 3: Matt Chandler - Preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Day 4: Christine Caine - Preached about herself. Equated Elevation Church with the temple of Solomon's day.

Day 5: Ed Young, Jr. - Preached gibberish and nonsense. "The ring is the thing and the hope is the rope." People were furiously taking notes on this, so there must have been a hidden profundity that eluded me.

Day 6: Israel Houghton - Sang a bunch of praise choruses that are still twirling around in my head as a means of constant annoyance.

Day 7: Perry Noble - Preached about Steven Furtick and Elevation Church.

Day 8: Stovall Weems - Preached about himself. Allegorized and eisegeted the story of Noah.

Day 9: Kevin Gerald - Preached about himself.

Day 10: T.D. Jakes - Took two texts (Luke 8:40ff and Hebrews 4:15-16) that have nothing to do with one another, and proceeded to force them to cohabit based upon a common word found in the KJV, "touched."

Day 11: James MacDonald - Preached his "stock" sermon about repentance, perhaps in order to stay in good standing with the more conservative crowd.

Day 12: Steven Furtick - Preached exactly what Matt Chandler said not to preach by engaging in "narcigesis" with the story of David.

Here is the Matt Chandler Message

Over the weekend there was quite a stir on some of the theological blogs involving the CodeOrange Revival that is being hosted at Elevation Church. Matt Chandler, who is considered an orthodox evangelical, spoke on Thursday. His message was very strong and he had some very pointed words to say to those who attend Elevation Church. However when it came time to re-air the broadcast there was a decision made to cut out Matt’s message. Therefore the blogs started to stir and a number of people wondered if there was a problem with Matt’s message to the point that Stephen Furtick had it removed. However the next day it was aired twice and I must say the second time I heard the message it was even better.

I know numbers of people who attend Elevation and love the preaching, fellowship and community outreach. The only thing I want to address in this blog article is the preaching. My suggestion is that you listen to this message from Matt Chandler and see if this is the kind of message (regarding CONTENT) that you are hearing weekly at Elevation. Is there a constant reminder NOT of what you must DO but what has already been DONE for you by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? What you are getting in this message from Matt is God-centered and not man-centered preaching. This is NOT about how to have a better sex life, how to manage your finances or even how to become a better leader, this is all about God.

Here is the message that Matt Chandler preached at the CodeOrange Revival. My suggestion is that you get a cup of coffee, tea or favorite beverage, get a notepad to list all the Bible references and then write a topic sentence that describes THEME of his message. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the AUDIO.

Code Orange Alert


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Here is an update


Definition for Code Orange (according to Google’s online dictionary)

A message over a hospital’s public address system warning the staff of
(1) A bomb threat
(2) A radioactive spill
(3) A potentially violent person with mental issues in the hospital; show of force needed
(4) External disaster with mass casualties