Learning and Living the God-centered life

One Biblical Doctrine at a time…
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Bert is presently teaching a class on "Thinking through Romans" Sunday night at RTS campus in Charlotte at 6 PM. Join us for this foundations study in Romans.

What you need to know about our newly revised website

  • Blog articles easier to read
    I have gone through the last 3 years of blog articles and shortened the initial articles in order give a summary. You can simply click on the "READ MORE" and continue with those specific articles that you would like to get more information.
  • New Tabs and Drop Down Menus
    Please notice that the tabs listed above include teaching from the 2008-2011 years along with the Retreats. Each of these has it's own home page and then you can locate the specific years notes and audio.
  • The photos on each page tell a story
    I want you to notice the photos that have been included. For example on the home page I have a photo of our first leadership team that was taken at Pat's home in August of 2008. Each page and photo contains something that relates to our three years together as a class.
  • All blogs, audio teaching and power point notes
    This website includes all the teaching, audio, video and notes for the three years of our class. Also you will find LINKS located within the articles themselves that can add to your Biblical growth and development.
  • All the Retreat notes and audio are included in this website
    We had three retreats during our time together. I have gone back and included all the teaching notes and audio for those that want to revisit this information.
    • Retreat Year 1 - "The Gospel"
    • Retreat Year 2 - "End Times" - How to understand by first developing a Bible Survey
    • Retreat Year 3 - "Friendly Fire" - Essential doctrines that are being undermined today in the church.
  • Categorized and Counted
    On the sidebar of each blog page there exists a list of the various categories or topics represented in that blog year. You will notice subjects such as Bible doctrine, Bible survey, Gospel and I even have a category for humor. This should make it easier for you to look up specific information without have to go through the entire blog year.
  • Mission Statement
    This website exists to spread a passion for Christ, as His word becomes the food and daily nourishment for our learning and living the God-centered life. A life, that through His word, is transformed by the power of the Spirit in seeing glory of Christ who is the image of God!
  • Follow me on Twitter
    On several of the pages within the website you will find a Twitter Badge Icon. You only need to click on the badge icon and it will take you directly to my Twitter page. What did Pastor B. have for supper? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Take a Tour
    In this short video you can take a tour with me of this newly revised website. I point out the changes and some of the items of interest that may add to your enjoyment. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR A LIVE PREVIEW.

Reasons that People don't Read the Bible

Our three year journey was a combination of LEARNING the word of God and LIVING it out through community with others.

Here is a brief summary of how we accomplished those objectives.

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    Sunday Teaching
    Each Sunday was dedicated to teaching the basics of our Christian faith. The class was committed to four main areas which included hermeneutics, Bible doctrine, the Gospel and Bible Survey.
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    Fellowship Luncheons
    In the beginning stages of our class we organized via the leadership of Karen Sheats a lunch gathering once a month. At times there was a certain theme but it was focused on gathering our community together for the building of relationships within the body.
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    When Pat and I met for our first serious class planning we put down one time a year for class retreats. There is one page on this website dedicated to our three class retreats.
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    Connect Groups
    This was an organized effort lead by Christa Moose in order to break our community down into smaller units. The purpose was to meet, fellowship, pray and get connected in the lives of one another.
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    Question and Answer Sessions
    We provided an opportunity for the class to meet at times to ask questions regarding doctrine and theology. These typically were held in homes of class members on Sunday night.
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    Men's Bible Study
    During the winter, spring and fall we conducted studies that focused on particular aspects of Bible doctrine such as the sovereignty of God. Also included we "how to study the Bible" and finally a study in the book of James in order to help our men apply the principles of Bible study in their own lives.
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    2 x 4 Ministry
    Kay Jones headed up this ministry that partnered older women with younger women for the purpose of Christ like mentoring. There was an initial meeting to pray and vision out this particular ministry. I am pleased to report, that my wife Nancy still has contact with some of the younger women that were part of the 2 x 4 ministry.